Saturday, 19 May 2012


Oh my God, I can't stop shopping. After vowing to give it a rest after Thursday's Topshop spree, Friday lead to straight to Fulham where I charity-shopped some more. Oops! Who needs a fur coat in May? Me, apparently. We stumbled across a Cancer Research with a half price sale, so it was only £12.50.

To be honest I'll probably get some wear out of it if the weather doesn't brighten up soon.

Fur coat - Cancer Research, Fulham; £12.50
Blouse - British Heart Foundation, Fulham; £2.80

Getting into the neon nails and nude lips look, I bought this set of bright polishes from Primark for just £2. The lipsticks, which don't look like this in real life and will feature in a beauty post very soon, are Sleek, 'Baby Doll' and Barry M in '147'. Another upcoming beauty post will feature No. 7's Revitalising Hand Saviour - perfect for anyone with dry skin on their hands and fingers.

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