Saturday, 12 May 2012


I'm such a bad blogger! Sorry sorry sorry. I went home for the week and had a lovely but wet time. We were hoping for sun when we booked the time off a month or so back, but when does that ever work out?

But either way I got to see my beautiful baby Ruby! How cute is she?!

There was also plenty of time for shopping and drinking, and we even went to one of Bristol's Michelin star restaurants, Green's Dining Room. The food was so good and so so cheap - literally the price of lower end restaurants in London.

I'll get on some outfit posts with all these babies later in the week. The lilac jeans are my favourite. They only cost £4 but I took them in to be tailored as they were too big. Now they're super skinny and high waisted and look like something that would have cost £70 in American Apparel... Except they're better, and you can't get them anywhere, ahaaa!!

Awful photo of my charity bargains but L-R:
Leopard print chiffon shirt - Oxfam, £4; Block pastel knitted top - Oxfam, £1.99; Floral midi skirt - PDSA, £1.99; Mauve high waisted jeans - Cancer Research, £4 (+tailored to fit); Peach t-shirt - PDSA, £2.99

On the way home we stopped off at my aunties house where some little chicks were hatching!

And now I'm home, with 2 days until deadlines, but obviously all I'm doing is sitting on the internet. But for now I'm off for drinks with my girl Maudie. (Horrendous quality photos, sorry)

 Chain shirt - George @ Asda; High waisted jeans - Oasis; Necklace - H&M; Earrings - Miss Selfridge

Have a good weekend! 

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