About Me

I'm Ella, 21, struggling to get by in a student town near London. Addicted to lipstick, shoes, and all things vintage or peach, I am a proud bargain hunter and will frequently blog about my latest thrifty finds at markets, charity shops, vintage stores and on eBay.

I write for 2 magazines, work in a bar and am about to graduate with a BA Hons degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Addicted to sushi and all things Japanese, chai tea and blueberry muffins, eating out and spending money!

 I started this blog in January 2012 following the advice of prospective employers. I hated the idea, thinking I had no input that wasn't already out there by some other blogger - and to be honest that's probably still true - but it turns out that I love it.

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging has become something of a passion as well as a hobby. I hope you enjoy ellafloxo as much as I do!

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