Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I Love Jeffrey Campbell

BUT I'm a student and super super poor. What can you do?!
My housemate, who is also a student and doesn't even have a job, has three pairs of JC Litas: A classic black pair, a sliver glitter pair and a jewel studded pair available only in the US. Fair? No.

A few months ago I bought these from Hong Kong via eBay for around £20 - most of which I managed to get back over a dispute with the seller. Overall I'm happy with them and though I'm not one to pretend they are genuine - I'm proud of my bargains! - I'm often complimented on my "Jeffrey Campbells."

The heel isn't wooden, as you can see, but from a distance it's hard to tell and to be honest I love the shoe as it is so I don't mind too much, although I plan to invest in lots of my own real pairs as soon as I graduate/get a real job.

But recently I've found two pairs of shoes, fallen in love, debated for ages over whether or not to buy them, and a few weeks later found that they're Jeffrey Campbell replicas. That's got to be true love, right? I fall in love with copies before I even know the JC version exists?!

So a few weeks back I was strolling down Putney High Street when I saw these beauties in a shop window. The shop itself is horrendous. No sign, no name, the tackiest clothes known to man. And these gems. It's one of those stores where everything is always in the sale, and these were reduced to £10!

My boyfriend hated them, said they looked like irons, refused to even stand next to me as I ogled them through the shop window! But the other day as I browsed Sarenza I found these: The Jeffrey Campbell Stinger.

They're pretty much identical, except the wedge is higher, the toe is rounder and the studs are flat. All in all, I'm on to a winner as these are £110... 11 times my Putney bargains! So I ignored my boyfriend's disgust and ran straight to the store. Why I'd even given them a second thought at £10 I don't know, because despite what anyone else might think, I love love love them.

Creepers have inadvertently become my thing recently, and I'm still awaiting the arrival of my beautiful classic pair, so stand by for updates as soon as I've ripped off the packaging!

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