Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Car Boot Sale Buys

Bonjour! I'm home from a day in Chelsea where the boy was handing out CVs to some very swanky restaurants. This minty green number I've been wearing will appear in my upcoming This Week's Top Buys post. My feet are killing me but, as promised, here I am blogging about yet more shopping sprees.

Although this one didn't really induce that feeling of guilt that I'm overwhelmed by oh so often. I've never properly browsed car boot sales before as there aren't that many in my area. I knew a school nearby held them occasionally, so I went to check it out. The result? I'm officially converted. My mind has been blown.

I only had an hour to browse and it felt like every corner I turned I stumbled across yet more cars. My top tip would be to make sure you have a LOT of cash, just in case! Overall I spent just £10 and got all of this:

Oversized denim jacket - £4; Cricket jumper - £1; Floral dress - £1; Peach blazer - £3; Shoes - £1

I've been looking for an oversized denim jacket for so long. Urban Outfitters charge around £80 which is obscene , Beyond Retro's are £35 which is slightly more acceptable but still not quite enough of a bargain for me, and every time I've watched one on eBay it's ended up selling for a bomb. This one, which isn't branded but fits exactly like the oversized Levis ones that everyone seems to be rocking, was a steal at £4. It was meant to be £5 but I'd run out of cash so she settled for my remaining change! Hence the tip to take enough cash!

I've recently sold a cricket jumper but for £1 I couldn't resist. I love the blue trim and at least I know it will sell well if i get bored of it. The little dancer-style shoes aren't in great condition but again, for £1 I don't care and the floral dress I plan to wear with DMs or creepers with a studded jacket just to give it a bit of an edge. It could definitely look a bit middle aged if worn wrong!

But probably my most impressive buy was this peach blazer - it's not such a bright orange in real life. It's by Silence and Noise and the seller told me she'd bought it in San Francisco. Having bought Silence and Noise items before from Urban Outfitters I Googled the blazer as soon as I got home and, if my research is correct, this would have retailed for around £68. Not only that but it's another win for the bright blazer hunt!

Now I'm off to bed as I have an open day for an internship in Shoreditch tomorrow, but I'll be back with more beauty and shopping updates as soon as it's over!


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