Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dye Time!

When I get a second away from work of every kind - bar, writing, uni - I'm dying my hair. My roots are growing and the colour has gone dull. I tend to do it every 3 months: January, April, July and October. I feel that by that time my hair has been left long enough to prevent damaging from overuse of dye, and the colour hasn't gone too too much, although I do have roots.

For the past year I've been using this L'oréal dye in "Mango Intense Copper." They've changed the packaging since my last buy and it's looking much better. But after a year of ginge, I want to mix it up a bit.

I love all the pastel colours going around at the moment, but they always seem to suit blondes best. This causes an issue for me as I refuse to go blonde for many reasons. Mainly because I don't want to kill my hair with bleach and I think it would look horrendous with my complexion. Nothing against all the blondes out there!

I've been liking the look of the Crazy Colour dyes but since a reliable source told me not to go there, I've turned to Directions. I love their range of eye catching colours but I just can't decide what to go with!

Torn between pastel pink, neon yellow, lavender and bright purple, it could take a while for me to decide as I've already had a mixed response from the people I've asked.

Any ideas?! Leave a comment with your opinion and in a few days I'll post with my decision, and hopefully some photos of my brand new look!
Have a good weekend!


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