Thursday, 26 April 2012

BareMinerals Make-Under

I've been rubbish the past few weeks, I know. But look at all the treats I'm back with.
Last week I went for a make-under at Bare Escentuals and today all this arrived in the post from the lovely Anna. She sent everything they used during my 'make-under' and sent it over for my BBM BareMinerals review (link to come).

Get Started Complexion Kit - £49; Purely Nourishing Moisturizer: Normal to Dry Skin - £27; Flawless Definition Mascara - £16; 'Pretty Amazing' Lipcolor in 'Free Will' - £15; BareMinerals 'Ready' Blush - £22; bareMinerals 'Ready' Eyeshadow 2.0 - £19; Liner Shadow in 'Graphite' - £14; Brow Color in 'Auburn' - £11

I usually use liquid foundations, either MAC Studio Fix Fluid or Rimmel Wake Me Up. bareMinerals use a 3-step powder process for foundation, with 1 SPF 15 foundation, 'Warmth All Over' face colour and a Mineral Veil top powder, and I was worried that I wouldn't get the coverage I needed but I was wrong.

The powders are very light and you can barely even feel them on your face, but with the help of the face primer, the powder warms to your face and looks just like thicker, pore-blocking foundations.

This Get Started kit even includes three brushes and a Get Started booklet and DVD.

bareMinerals use only the best ingredients to ensure that their products contain nothing that your skin doesn't need. This innovative formula means that their makeup actually doubles up as skincare, and is so pure you can sleep in it.

Weird face and I'm growing out my eyebrows, so excuse them! But this is my full face of bareMinerals makeup - you can see how good the coverage is. I'm so impressed that a powder foundation could match my usual liquids but feel so light and even be good for my skin.

This eyeshadow compact in '2.0' is a great shade range for day and night as the pink is a great, shimmery base colour whilst the gold can be applied as heavily as you desire, depending on the occasion. The pink blush works the same, with a thin coverage for day wear, which can be thickened for a more dramatic evening look.

Powder brow colour isn't something I'd ever tried before but when combined with my usual pencil, it really defines the shape of the brow and blends in perfectly to add to the shape.

I've also never bought in to the gel eyeliner thing. bareMinerals shadow Liner can be applied dry for a smokey look, or, with a couple of drops of water, transforms into a smooth, easy to apply liquid liner. Genius!

I'm often dubious when it comes to mascara brushes as I like a lot of volume and I find thinner brushes don't tend to have such a good effect. However this Flawless Definition mascara has a smaller wand but still darkens, thickens and lengthens each lash as well as separating them for extra definition.

One of my favourite things was this Purely Nourishing Moisturiser. Worth £27, it's the best moisturiser I've used in a long time. I've been looking for a new morning moisturiser for a while, and now my search is over!

This Pretty Amazing lip gloss in 'Free Will' is another favourite, as I've always been sceptical about lip glosses, which stick to my hair and generally make a mess, and nudes which I worry will wash out my colour. 'Free Will' lives up to its 'Pretty Amazing' name. It's a gorgeous colour and despite looking, feeling and applying like a lipgloss, dries and sticks as a perfect nude, lipstick style colour.

And just to top it all off; How cute is all of this packaging?!

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