Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday To Do List

Up super early to check out a local car boot sale before serving drinks to morons for 4 hours. Oh what a Sunday! This evening I'm dying my hair and watching the new American Pie movie for a review so depending on how all that goes I might have something positive to say later on.

Boring outfit today, and excuse the morning hair. Going to have to tie it up at work and it looks cold so I'll probably chuck a beanie on because I'm too lazy to sort it out.

Cardigan - Charity shop; Top - Beyond Retro; Disco pants - American Apparel; Creepers - eBay
  • Finish Salmon Fishing In The Yemen review
  • Start eBay listings
  • Chose subject for profile feature
  • Sort out blog layout
  • Finish writing for ACID shopping blog 
  • Order Directions dye
  • Tidy room

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