Friday, 13 April 2012

This Week's Top Buys #3: Shoe Addict

Tapestry wedges - ASOS; £60
Brothel Creepers - eBay; £23 + P&P
Flatform boots - 'Shoe Rack' Putney; £10
Patent studded flatforms - 'Shoe Rack' Putney; £10

I guess the title explains it all. As I said before, my life has taken a very boring turn with uni work piling up. And what better way to distract myself than with new shoes? 

I was moaning a week or so ago that the last pair of heels I bought was in January, which is a bloody long time for me. And now, look! I've been in search of summer heels for a while now, but while I wait patiently for the perfect pair to come along, flatforms will be my thing.

I recently dedicated a post to the patent studded babies on the far right, and from them, and addiction has sprung. Flatforms are the perfect way to give my short ass some height whilst not looking too OTT.

The creepers my Dad bought me arrived this morning and yesterday my boyfriend bought me the boot-style flatforms, probably to shut me up and stop me from dragging him into that horrible shop ever again! I mentioned before about the random shop in Putney that doesn't even have a sign - well these are another of their £10 wonders! (Nothing else is good, unless you like plastic knee-high boots.)

But the best thing in my life at the moment are these tapestry wedges. You'll remember them from my Wednesday Wish List a few weeks ago where I said I'd been spying on them from my Bookmark Bar for months? Well payday came and the boy bought me them and they are BEAUTIFUL!

These should be enough to keep me going for a while. Or so you'd think...

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