Friday, 30 March 2012

I Never Have That Friday Feeling

Good Morning!
Boring outfit today: Riding Pants - American Apparel; Lace t-shirt - Topshop via charity shop; Cut-off denim jacket - self made
Today I was up at 8.30am because the doctors expect you to know that you're ill at that time and won't accept appointment bookings later in the day. So to make the most of my morning I'm going charity shopping before I get on with my work for the day.

I'm in the process of writing a piece for @ACIDmagazine about the 90's comeback that seems to have taken over not just fashion, but all aspects of popular culture; yeah Buffalos and acid brights are back, but so are The Cranberries, S Club 7 and Titanic. What's that about?! I'd love to hear your opinions - is anyone outside of East London really buying this?

So as an homage to my childhood years, here's a dedication to all things 90's.

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