Wednesday, 18 April 2012

This Week's Top Buys #4

Lots of bargains this week from the car boot sale, but that's not all! On Monday I visited Kingston Market, as I do most weeks, and picked up a mint green jumper, a summery cream cardi and a couple of maxi skirts in powder pink and leopard print for just £12. My wardrobe isn't quite summery enough yet and since I can't deny my love for knitwear, I've switched to more seasonal styles instead of chunky knits.

Excuse Hello Kitty in the background!

I saw the monochrome 'peace sign' vest in the window of a tacky-looking shop on Whitechapel High Street. Full of cheap items that would fit in well at the Eastender's market, I still managed to strike gold as the vest and leopard print bralet (which has a label) were £3 each!

Continuing from last week's jewellery love, I picked up yet more half price goodies in Miss Selfridge! I've been looking for a good body harness for a while as I'm not quite brave enough to throw myself in at the deep end with the bondage/horse riding ones with the leather straps.

As cool as they are, it just ain't me! I love that this one, originally £16.5, isn't too heavy but has the cool pyramid studs which can be worn on the front or back. In the warmer weather I'll team it with a black boob tube, or have it peeking out under a loose crop top. That's if I get myself back down to the gym in time!

I also got these cute leopard print cross earrings and yet another ear cuff (this one's gold, crappy iPhone quality made it silver) for £3.25 each.

But probably my favourite buy of the week was, shock horror, not clothing! I've been meaning to check out this Lush Lip Scrub for weeks and finally made the trip yesterday whilst on the King's Road. 
The need to drop some cash was clearly oozing from me as the sales girl immediately pounced on my vulnerability and showed me their new Gorilla Perfumes. They're available in full sized bottles (£23), atomizers (£11) and solid sticks (£6).

I was immediately sold as the girl showed me a scent called 'Vanillary', which smells like cakes and - selling point - you can even rub into your hair! It's jojoba oil-based so nourishes hair rather than drying it out!

After following me around and trying to sell me everything in sight I managed to conjure up some will power and explained that all I really wanted was some lip scrub. she confirmed what all bloggers seem to have said: Mint Julips is the way to go.

Also available in Bubblegum and Vanilla Chocolate, Mint Julips is the least sweet and, due to the peppermint oil, leaves a lingering fresh feeling on your lips as well as leaving them silky smooth.

So it's official: I am now a Lush addict!

Happy shopping! xo

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