Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekend With The Parents

My parents came up for the weekend and despite the weather we still managed to have a lovely time. On Friday we went shopping and in the evening we all went for a yummy dinner at Brown's.

I got these babies in Topshop for £30! I'd been in love with them since they were full price at £65 but when I found them in the sale with only one pair left, in MY SIZE! I couldn't leave them. Even my mum, who never encourages my shoe-buying, said that I should get them.

Topshop 'Love' - £65 £30

I'm thinking they'll look cute adding a splash of colour to all-black outfits, or even shorts teamed with little socks for a more casual look. Outfit posts to come!

Then on Saturday we went sightseeing in London. Acting like a tourist is difficult at the best of times, but in the pissing rain with wind simultaneously sticking your hair to your lipgloss, blowing you off your feet and pulling your umbrella inside out, it's made a bit worse. But I dressed like it was April even if it was pretending to be November outside.

Cardigan - Charity shop; Lace shirt - Vintage market; Necklaces - H&M; Shorts - Vintage Levi's; Creepers - eBay

Never the less my mum was adamant to wander around. And wander we did. I now have blisters. Although, my feet were probably the driest in London today - thank you creepers!

Me & Mama at Tower Bridge. Dad was determined to get a photo. We weren't so keen.

And now they've gone home and I'm super sleepy so having a boring Saturday night blogging from my bed. Hope you've all had a fun weekend! xo

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