Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This year I did mother's day early as I have to work at the bar tomorrow night. On Thursday I got the train to my Aunties before driving back to Bristol on Friday morning. Whilst waiting for my train I had a wander round the charity shops, purchasing two cardigans and a cream lace t-shirt (under the red cardi).

By the time I got on the train I had already overfilled my holdall... But when I arrived in Basingstoke Liz was running late and I ended up having to wait half an hour... In Primark... Where I bought some glitter brogues for £3.

So Friday morning we drove home, picked up my Grandma and went for lunch. She needed to do some shopping to I begrudgingly trudged around Asda. Never have I even bothered to look in Asda for clothes before but I was bored and Oh. My. God.

Green quilted riding jacket - £10
Black and white chain printed chiffon shirt - £5
Pink and mint pastel block chiffon shirt - £6
Black chiffon midi/maxi - £5

Granted there was a sale on which was why it was all so cheap but you'd never know any of this stuff hadn't been bought on the high street! 

And THEN, after spending the evening with the fam and friends at the pub, this morning I went to Thornbury with my mum and auntie. I always have pretty good luck at the charity shops there and never fail to visit even if I'm only back for one night.

So to complete my trip I found a white lace button up top, a black rose pattered chiffon and velvet shirt and a black and gold cardigan. I returned home with a suitcase. And my striped leggings had arrived when I got home. Oops!


  1. Wow, I bet you had a huge trying on sesh when you got home! Did you go to the charity shop in Thorn which has moved to where the old bookshop used to be? It’s HUGE !
    Charlotte x

  2. No where's that?! I'm coming home again at the start of May so will have to check it out! Thornbury charity shops are my favourite!


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