Thursday, 29 March 2012

This Week's Top Buys #2

They've arrived! And I've gone unintentionally (kind of) baroque/leopard print mad this week! These leggings don't quite come up high enough to be able to match them with a crop top but at £4 I do not care. This American Apparel gauze t-shirt will do for a summery feel.

How pretty are the sunbeams through my window?
On Tuesday I was dying of a hangover after a spontaneous night out, but my boyfriend convinced me to go to Richmond with him where I got these cute t-shirts. The black one's nothing special but was £7 and this amazing blue baroque one was only £12!

The animal print top on the left is a tie up shirt with 3/4 length sleeves which I found at the same time as the pink shirt/blazer in my last post.
It was only £3.30 and will look fab with shorts, jeans, leggings... It will go with anything!

But my favourite buy of the week was on Monday we went to Westfield. It was such a lovely day and the boy and I just popped in before heading East to meet friends, and I came away with a beautiful pair of American Apparel Easy Jeans in Light Wash Indigo, which are essentially denim disco pants, and this black jersey crop top.

American Apparel is one of my favourite high street stores because, despite being insanely over priced, I've never been able to find another shop with such perfectly form fitting high waisted trousers. I basically refuse to wear anything that isn't high waisted so, whilst their extortionate rates for average quality t-shirts is something to avoid, American Apparel is the one for stylish bottoms, and well worth the price tag.

I've blogged before about American Apparel budget issues, and, if like me you're a sucker for crop tops the second the sun comes out, Topshop have the perfect solution. Again not known for being overly affordable, Topshop have caught on to the crop top love that is spreading it's way into every summer wardrobe and, rather than forking out £21 on the American Apparel version, this baby rib crop top is just £8 and though I was boring and chose white, it is available in a range of different colours.

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