Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday Wish List

I'm rapidly losing money on alcohol thanks to the lovely London weather this week, which naturally means that my wish list is piling up in time for summer. The transition from winter/spring into summer leaves me hating my wardrobe every year, and suffering from a massive case of 'over overflowing shelves but nothing to wear' syndrome.

Top of my list is a Carnovsky iPhone skin. I love the colours and the prints and everything about them, and at $15/£9.50(ish) they're not too pricey.

This cute hat from H&M is only £7.99 but causes two dilemmas for me: first is that it's not yet available in stores and I resent paying postage, and second is that I don't know whether to get it in blue or black!
All things baroque! Having just invested in a beautiful baroque print t shirt from River Island and a funky pair of leggings which are yet to arrive, I've gained myself one more style addiction which I can't afford to keep up with!

I feel like I've not bought a new pair of shoes in forever, but these have been sat on my bookmark bar as I wait for them to eventually go into the ASOS sale! £60 isn't even too bad but I'm just so broke, so until I finally come into some money, on my wish list they'll remain!

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