Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I've been having such a nightmare with my skin lately. It seems like two nights forgetting to take my makeup off has caused loads of little blemishes all over my cheeks and they're so hard to hide. Not at all worth my makeup removal laziness!

These are the three I've been using recently:
Mac Studio Fix Fluid is always going to be my number one. It keeps my face looking fresh, clear and unshiney for a whole day, and night if I need it, but at £20 I can't always afford to invest, and have needed to seek out back up for those poor times when my Mac runs dry. Right now is one of those times.

So during a trip to Superdrug I found a huge box of discounted Gosh make up. I'd never really used Gosh other than a few nail varnishes and lipsticks, but thought that a £10 foundation reduced to £4 was a pretty good bargain and snapped it up.

Do NOT make the same mistake as me! This Lift Me Up foundation, which supposedly has some face-lifting chemical in it, isn't even worth £4 so I pity anyone who has paid the full £10! Obviously this kind of a review is totally subjective so perhaps there are girls out there who swear by this, but for me it just smudged away from itself as I blended it in, went patchy under my powder and clung to dry bits of skin despite excessive moisturising, and only lasted a few hours before I needed to reapply it.

I couldn't live with this until it ran out! So I invested in Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation, having read some pretty good reviews, and finally! My perfect Mac substitute. At £8.99 it is around half the price but worth much more!

Wake Me Up keeps my face looking fresh all day with hardly any wear and just one pump is enough to cover my whole face with the perfect amount of foundation. This is definitely what I'm going to be sticking with for the forseeable future as my Mac replacement.

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