Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fluoro Love

I always have and always will have a mostly-black wardrobe. But when the weather gets like this, I need a way to jazz it up. But rather than veering away from the goth look altogether, I found the answer in a charity shop.

One thing I didn't put in yesterday's Wednesday Wish List was a bright blazer, but I've been going on about how I want one for ages. In love with the shades in Zara and The Kooples at the moment, I've been holding out for a cool but cheap version which I knew would inevitably turn up in a charity shop. And I was right!

Yesterday, as I wandered Putney on my own in an attempt to put off travelling on a sweltering train, I found this bright pink shirt. It has cute gold buttons and done up it looks awful, but as I undid it to take it off and return it to it's rail I had a revelation. And here we have it! The perfect light, bright blazer!

Shirt - eBay; Leggings - eBay; Shirt/Blazer - British Heart Foundation

Pretty thrifty outfit all in all. I'm such a sucker for charity shopping and eBay! Had a work night out with my Slug mateys last night and had to take that mirror shot!

But now I'm off to sun myself by the river with a vino. 
Happy Thursday! 

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