Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This Week's Top Buys #1

So to give some kind of purpose to my life-long shopping addiction, I've decided to post my favourite purchases of each week... God knows there are enough of them to chose from!

 This week I lugged two huge bags to the local charity shop, and whilst I was there I obviously couldn't resist this beauty. I'm obsessed with vintage patterns and granny cardigans, and this is the perfect combination. For £4.50 I couldn't resist adding it to my already extensive collection!
Teamed with high waisted trousers, a crop top and a wide-brimmed trilby, this cardigan was the perfect way to jazz up Friday night's outfit.

Earlier this week I also treated myself to a trip down Brick Lane. Having a best friend who lives there is the perfect excuse to browse the vintage boutiques, but it's not often I allow myself (or can justify!) to indulge in their extortionate prices.

But this time I found two bargains too good to miss!
I'm a lover, as I've said a thousand times, of all things floral, and this cute vintage underskirt was only £7!

I already have a cream silk one which is great teamed with a wooly jumper and tights. This pink and blue rose print one has a black lace trim and will look great in summer.

This blazer (right) is the perfect way to add an 80's feel to any outfit. It's removable shoulder-pads are right up my street and the rose printed chiffon sleeves (which caught my eye immediately) give the jacket a totally unique feel. It's really not like anything I've seen before, especially not on the high street, and for £20, I couldn't leave it on the shelf!

And thirdly - Babyliss Root Boost.
My hair is a nightmare. Flat, straight, and impossible to style. I use voluming shampoos, conditioners, foams, mousses, sprays, the lot! Nothing works. I'd seen adverts for these micro crimpers by Babyliss but was sceptical, until a friend at work received them as a present and would not stop talking about how fantastic they were.
Still the sceptic that I am, I decided to look into it, and managed to find this brand new pair on eBay for just £10.50! Just a fraction of their £33 retail price, who cares if they work?!
I'm yet to try them out as they only arrived yesterday, but I am prepared to be amazed and will be sure to share my opinions!
Watch this space for Babyliss Root Boost reviews!


  1. I’ve heard about these root boosters, do they actually work!?x

  2. They do work, but you can see where the roots are crimped? I've used them like, twice


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