Monday, 6 February 2012

Creme of Nature Argan/Moroccan Oil Range Review

Today I decided to invest in a whole new range of hair products. For years I've been using the same shampoos, conditioners, products... And having woken up super early just to attend a lecture I didn't need to be in, I felt the need to give today some purpose.

To start of with, how cute is my new hairbrush?! Having become quite attached to my old paddle brush (despite it being almost bare), it was hard to say goodbye. So to make it that little bit easier, it needed to be replaced with the cutest brush I could find, and this ladybird print brush by Head Jog (102) is just perfect!
A local shop sells a lot of black hair products and is always a great place to find new things to make my hair look pretty! The other day I spied some new argan oil treatments and, since I don't quite buy into the branded Moroccan Oil products being any better than other brands I've used - let's face it, argan oil is argan oil, whether it cost £4 or £25 - I decided to do some research.

I'd never heard of Creme of Nature before but upon Googling it, I found it to be quite a known brand, especially in the States. So I rushed back and bought the shampoo, conditioner and oil, all for only £12!
Click HERE for more info on Creme of Nature.

I started off with the shampoo, mixing in a small amount of moisturising oil and leaving for a minute before rinsing out. I then applied a mask of conditioner and left it for 10 minutes. When I rinsed out the conditioner my hair felt like silk. Any knots had gone and it felt so soft and sleek that I thought I might not have washed it out properly!

I towel dried my hair then applied more of the moisturising oil before blow drying. I didn't need to use my usual leave-in conditioner as a detangler as my hair was so silky from the conditioning mask.

So far, I was so impressed by Creme of Nature that, as I blow dried my hair, I was considering going straight back to the shop to stock up!

But it seemed it was too good to be true. I had read reviews which said Creme of Nature had left hair feeling dry, but since it was mainly used on black hair I thought I might not have these issues. Unfortunately, I did. Despite looking sleek and shiny, my hair felt hard and stiff. A bonus for me was that it made it quite easy to style and did give it volume, which in my world is somewhat of a miracle!

However I found that adding more moisturising oil to dried hair helped soften it slightly and, whilst I was not quite as pleased with the products as I had first expected to be, I would probably still recommend them as a good hair treatment every now and then.

Overall I'd give it 6/10. I will probably use Creme of Nature's argan oil range every other time I wash my hair, as I found the shampoo and oil effective, but the conditioner was what caused the dryness.

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