Saturday, 28 January 2012

What I Smell Like!

Another post to help you get to know me a little better!
I'm constantly changing my scent. Just as soon as people start to say "That smells like you," I've moved on to the next one! I am hoping to find one that sticks but the good perfumes these days just become too popular.

I wore Flowerbomb  by Victor Rolf for years. It's so girly and timeless, and works day or night, summer or winter... It's floral perfection. However, being so lovely, four of my friends have also developed am obsession with the scent so we all smell the same. Also, as a student on a budget, over £1 per mml is a habit I can't quite afford to fund anymore.

My old day perfume used to be Rose
by Paul Smith. I loved the little rose patterned pouch it came with which can be used for all sorts of things - I now use it as a case for my sunglasses! It's feminine scent manages to avoid that granny smell that rose water is so often associated with, and makes the perfect light daytime scent. Same as with Flowerbomb, one of my housemates decided to buy it and I can now not bear to wear it again!

So I figured, there are so many perfumes out there that aren't being worn by my friends. One of them must be the one for me.

And who would ever have thought my new daytime scent would be from Accessorize?! I found this perfume by chance as I was browsing the January sales in Boots. This perfume alone is £15, which isn't bad for a brand like Accessorize. However as I riffled through piles of left over gift sets, I found this, along with a body wash and moisturiser, for only £7.50.

A sucker for any bargain, I was sold. Little did I know I would turn out to love this sweet floral perfume. It's not entirely unique and wouldn't work so well as an evening perfume as it is sweet rather than sexy, but for £7.50, I can't complain!

As for night times, I searched for months. I contemplated reverting back to Lola by Marc Jacobs since it seems to have become less popular again with time, but then decided, no. It was time for something entirely new. That was how I discovered Gucci Guilty.

Gucci isn't up there amongst my favourite brands. The square gold bottle isn't eye-catching and in all honesty it is not a scent I would have thought about trying. However when I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was looking for a new smell, this was the first name he blurted out, and all of his friends agreed.

When I first tried it I was unsure, but as it dries, it blends with your skin to produce a beautiful, oriental kind of floral scent. It is striking, rather than strong, and is the perfect sexy evening perfume. And as a bonus, I've never had so many compliments from men from one perfume!

Gucci Guilty is a scent I will be sticking with for a while to come. As for Accessorize, it is lovely for now, but within a few months the hunt with be on again for a daytime perfume to withstand the long summer days.

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