Saturday, 28 January 2012

Back to School

As I mentioned before, I'm about to embark on my final semester at University and, as well as my new bedroom layout, I obviously had to stock up on new stationery!
I'm absolutely obsessed with stationery, and the sensation of writing on the first page of a new notebook is up there as one of the best feelings I can think of. Geek, I know.
As well as my work environment, pretty new pens and notebooks definitely inspire me to work well. So here are just some of the new bits and pieces I've purchased in an attempt to get the ball rolling for a motivated and hard working final semester!

I picked up the two top notebooks in the Accessorize sale for £3.60 each. My creative writing modules are quite heavy in, well, writing, surprisingly enough! And these books were thick enough whilst still looking pretty!

Paperchase are famous for their gorgeous and quirky stationery. This gel pen is from their "Babushka" range and cost only £1.50!

For my journalism modules I need smaller pads which I can carry around with me for when I need to and jot down quite notes. A Moleskine is the obvious choice for any writer and, despite costing £10.99, I like to treat myself to a fresh one every now and then.
The final notebook I chose was also from Paperchase. Their "Birdcages" range has now been discontinued, but I picked up this pad, along with a matching book of sticky notes, for a bargain price in their sale!

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