Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hard as Nails

I am at a constant battle with my nails. I bit them right now to the quick when I was young and it took about 6 years for them to finally reach a decent length. But now they are brittle and flakey, and now and then I can't help but pick at them, and the skin around them. A disgusting habit I know.

Because of this I am constantly on the hunt for the latest treatments.
I've gone down the fake route - Acrylics are a quick fix but a long term damage, and stick-ons are good for the odd night out, but when worn constantly I only end up peeling my natural nails off with them.

I've bought so many gorgeous glitter varnishes recently, and they just don't work on short, stubby nails. But throughout my search there have been only two defining treatments for me and my sorry little nails. And of course, they are both by Sally Hansen.

I've been using Sally's Nailgrowth Miracle every other day, as instructed, for a couple of years now. It's an expensive product at around £10, but nothing works like it.

This is an undercoat to nail varnish, which contains and the vitamins your nails need to help them grow under the coats of polish. And for a top coat? Sally Hansen's No More Breaks.

Not only does this give a gorgeous glossy look to your newly polished nails, but also uses it's ultra-hardening formula to seal in moisture which hardens and strengthens your nails.

Sally Hansen's products are never cheap, but are always worth the money. You definitely get what you pay for, and I will forever swear by these two killer products.

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