Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Kooples.

It's been about 6 months since my local Kooples store opened and I've still not managed to save up enough to buy anything! That's mainly down to my inability to stop spending rather than their extortionate price tags, but still. If I had a spare £90, I probably wouldn't spend it on a t shirt.

Every week I wander around, under the beady watch of the sales assistant, contemptuous of yet another window shopper. I feel the silks between my fingers, lust after felt fedoras, suede boots, leather coats. Too much of my time is spent daydreaming that my boyfriend and I should be picked as a couple fit to be their models - not likely I know, but we can dream! >

But despite my budget there is so much that I love about The Kooples. I love the black and white facade; I love the perfect cut of their suits; I love the endless debates over the legitimacy of the beautiful "Kooples Couples; and now, with the launch of their Spring-Summer 2012 collection, there is even more to love.

Now, on top of it all, I love the pastel shades; I love attempting to learn French by reading their catalogue as I do every season; I love the peaches and the pastels; but most of all, I love love love Pete Doherty.

Despite the controversy, I have forever been in love with Pete. The Libertines were my favourite band for years and years and for a while I was pretty convince that the pair of us shared some unspoken connection, he just didn't know it yet - yeah, I know... I was 14!

Anyway the point is I love him and as soon as I picked ip Issue No8 of The Kooples magazine to discover that he'd created a brand new capsule range, my feelings came flooding back!

With hats born from a collaboration with Locke & Co and t shirts emblazoned with Doherty's own art work, this collection might just persuade me to save some pennies and make my debut Kooples purchase!

But until then I will have to remain satisfied with swooning over Pete, wishing my boyfriend and I were a Kooples Couple, between dreams of hazy days roaming Paris looking like this.

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