Saturday, 18 February 2012


As I've mentioned many a time, I've been writing freelance for BBM Live Magazine since completing a two week internship with them in December last year.

Well this week, after working super hard to complete a few difference pieces for them, including a review of a techno/house album - literally the opposite of what I am into/knowledgable about - I have been offered the position of News Editor for their site.

I feel super lucky to have this kind of a title before I've even graduated and, despite being in university 5 days a week, working on a bar three nights a week and having been landed with the role of Entertainments Editor of the University newspaper meaning that there aren't even enough hours in the day for me to have a second to myself, I am so excited to get involved in editing work for BBM!

Please take a minute to check out the site on the link above, and follow us on Twitter HERE <3.

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