Sunday, 26 February 2012

American Apparel Obsession on a Budget

I've been in love with American Apparel for longer than I can remember.

Don't get me wrong - I hate their never changing line of stock, their numerous outdated items, the shabby quality and the staggering price tag. But when American Apparel get it right, they get it so so right.

As the proud owner of too many pairs of AA trousers, I think it is this area in which they excel. Basic tops can be found anywhere, but their disco pants and riding pants are totally unique, and their high waisted jeans are the most form flattering I've ever found.

But now the end of uni is edging closer and closer, and my bank balance is running dry. But it seems as though the shopping Gods have been watching over me, as today, on my usual eBay procrastination trawl, I stumbled upon these:

They don't look it, but these leggings have the stretch to become high waisted very easily and with the snap of  a belt the ugly waistline is hidden and voila! For just £6.50 I've recreated the style that has previously cost me up to £70.

As far as black disco pants go, I've worn them constantly for the past 6 months and don't intend to give them up any time soon, but for the jazzier colours which I will wear as more of a novelty, these are absolutely perfect.

And that's why I love eBay!

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