Sunday, 12 February 2012

Introducing: More Nails! Primark's Leopard Print False Nails.

So my beautician friend has recently started doing Shellac nails. After doing my research and watching multiple videos I decided that it probably is the right thing for me - the manicures last 14 days, my home-done ones last 2!

But first... My real nails need to sort themselves out! Shellac is a gel nail varnish which, when put under UV light, hardens and makes your nails look beautiful. However they do not extend the length of your natural nail.

So, whilst I wait for my naturals to grow, I've decided to hide them under these beauties.

They look like foils, but no! They're false stick-on nails... And not just any stick-ons at that... They're £1 stick-ons from Primark! After months of investing in £8 fakes from Boots every week I eventually decided to try out Primark's bargain set, and honestly - they're just as good, if not better!

These feel like they are stuck so securely to my nail and, to be honest, for £1, I don't care if they fall off after one day! Broadway nails have similar pairs for around £10 which in my experience only tended to last about 2-3 days, so if these last the same, I've got a bargain for 10% of the price!

Another thing I love about Primark stick-on false nails is that not only do they come with glue included (which can not be said for many of the premium brands) but, since they're so cheap, I feel happy to file off the French top and paint them for a more natural look.

So be sure to pop down and get some of these gorgeous leopard print numbers! I stocked up on 5 packs to prepare myself against the hoards of girls soon to catch on to this beauty bargain.
Primark's Ooh La La nails are also available in red, gold, silver or French tip.

Also be sure to check out @HollyAbeauty for amazing beauty treatments around Surrey and London.


  1. They look AMAZING! Are they hard to apply? I bought some foils and got so frustrated, I binned them - what is with the advising you to file the top off? That never worked for me?! x

  2. They're literally just stick on false nails. Foils have never worked for me. The few times I've actually managed to apply them properly they've just gone bumpy within a day so I gave up and now just use false ones for special occasions to hide my broken natural nails!


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