Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Working Woman

Don't think I'm neglecting you! I'm just super busy trying to get to grips with full time work. At the moment I'm taking part in a training programme which is not only very interesting but fun, friendly, and has so far featured plenty of Italian food. Safe to say I'm enjoying it.

Monday was my first day at my new desk, which had a bottle of Stella Cidre left on it - apparently a remnant of Friday evening, when everyone starts drinking at their computers from 4pm! This is definitely my kind of job. Along with that, I was actually assigned the task of 'spending an hour watching cute animal videos on YouTube.' I do this shit for free as it is!

I've stolen a few pics from the Facebook page to give you a short tour of my swanky new office.

Kitchen & breakfast
Office view from the kitchen
Clubhouse & bar
View from the roof terrace
Thank God I love this job because I really don't think I'm cut out for full time office work in a place without a bar and roof garden! On Thursday we're going for beers and bowling at All Star Lanes and there are loads of events and parties coming up which I'll be sure to document.

As for outfits, we're allowed to wear what we want but I've been in too much of a rush in the mornings to be blogging! Never fear though, I've taken photos and will do a kind of 'week of outfits' post on the weekend perhaps.

Hope the rain isn't ruining your week!


  1. This looks amazing! where is this perfect place?! Lucky girrrrrl x

    1. It's on Brick Lane, which makes it all the more perfect haha! x

  2. What?! This office looks absolutely insanely good!
    Well done on the job :)


  3. Great pictures!! You job sounds fantastic!



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