Sunday, 10 June 2012

This Week's Top Buys #6

This week I've been making the most of my time before real life kicks in with my first day at my new job tomorrow. I'm looking forward to everything except the early mornings and have done my first food shop in months to make sure I have some nice breakfasts to get up for!

Urban Outfitters
The majority of my week has obviously been spend shopping, and my best bargains were found during Friday's trip to Westfield.

I've not been to Urban Outfitters for so long that I decided to splash out. Not usually one for bargains, I was happy to find all their graphic print tees were on offer at £20 - this daisy crop top was my favourite.

I also picked up this Mickey Mouse crop top for £14 and leopard print handbag for £10 in the sale.

Another surprise bargain was in American Apparel who happened to be having one of their rare and pretty pathetic 'sales'. 

This dress was reduced from £50 to £35 and once I'd settled on the black over pink or lilac, I decided it was better than spending £70 on yet another pair of disco pants, no matter now much I feel like I need them.
American Apparel

Then we headed to Chelsea for dinner but on the way I had to pop into Oxfam where I got this black lace top for £7 and a Warehouse batwing cardigan for £11.

Though not exactly bargains when it comes to charity shopping, Chelsea's second hand stores accept only the best quality clothing, most of which is high end and the majority only just off the shelves. Not great for thrifty or unique finds, these are the best places to go for discounted high street or designer fashion.

 But probably the best bargain of the week was this white 3D mesh flower top. I already have a pink version but I won this one on eBay for 99p! The ultimate bargain which will look cute with shorts in summer but for now goes great with just jeans and loafers for lazy days like today.

In other, far more boring news, I have adjusted the width of my page so I can use extra large pictures!
Hope you've all enjoyed the weekend.


  1. What seller did you get the mesh top from?! Do they have more? I neeeed, can't believe you got it for 99p! Incred x

    1. It was this seller. Even £10 is a massive barg seeing as I just sold one for £25! But they had one up on auction and nobody else bid.

  2. The white floral mesh top is amazing, and I love the graphic tees! I wish there was an Urban Outfitters in Sydney so badly - thank god for shipping! haha


  3. love the mickey mouse crop top and the black dress,i have been looking at your blog ypour style is amazing love it
    new follower =)
    check out my blog in your spare time


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